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R50 000 Cover Go Package R299

R100 000 Cover Premium Package R499

Cyber insurance cover amount R50 000 R100 000
Access to SCL App and Portal
Theft of funds Cover
Identity Theft
Data Restoration
Cyber Bullying
Cyber Extortion
Network Security, Privacy & Data Breach
Privacy & Data breach by third Party

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What You Get When You Join SafeCyberLife

By Joining SafeCyberLife you get the combination of being guided to develop and manage cyber security at home and in your business as well as cyber insurance to help you in case you become a victim of cyber crime. Cyber insurance is delivered through our partnership with XonRisk (and their partners), in compliance with the Financial Regulations of South Africa.

Customised Solution that facilitates a holistic approach for Cyber Security in your organization, based on the International Telecommunications Union's Global Cyber Security Index Pillars.